Yehuda Pinchasi Cranes Ltd. has more than 35 years of renown and experience in: complex engineering work, planning and construction work, conveying and crane work as well as restoration of buildings and structures that have been damaged by fire, natural disasters, etc. The company uses sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment, enabling the execution of complex jobs without having to be dependant on external resources.

During the many years of their operations Yehuda Pinchasi Cranes has executed jobs of all sizes – among them:

• Conveying equipment and cargo such as expensive medical and electronic equipment

• Crane work including disassembling equipment, structures and plants
• Positioning equipment and connecting it to existing communication systems
• Planning and construction of pedestrian bridges and tunnels

In addition, the company offers its services to the private sector: transporting rockeries and trees to homes, gardens and roof gardens, hoisting Jacuzzis to high-rise homes, rental of forklifts, trailers and cranes for independent use, as well as conveying as needed.

mong Yehuda Pinchasi Cranes’ customers are public, government and private companies: Ministry of Defense, Electric Corp., Bezeq, Ashtrom, Solel Boneh and other construction companies, Tnuva and other food companies, insurance companies and more.

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